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EM Administrative Services

About Erycca Manninen

Stepping out of the corporate box

I'm Erycca Manninen, the Owner and Administrative Consultant of EM Administrative Services. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications Studies from Northern Michigan University and over 11 years of experience providing administrative assistance to companies of all sizes and industries. I maintained certification in Relationship Skill Building from 2016 - 2018 with a focus on inclusion and culture change.

As the manager of a retail store, I handled day-to-day tasks while simultaneously hiring, training, and managing employees. Through that opportunity, I gained a true appreciation for the value of having well-defined systems and well-trained employees. Subsequent positions highlighted how a lack of clarity, consistency, and communication results in a less cohesive work environment.


On the surface, I am a Virtual Assistant working in the architecture industry, but what I really do is build strong foundations for women-owned architect/design firms to grow into the vision of their founders.


How Can I Help?

As a result of working with me, my clients gain a business partner that not only listens to their fears and worries without judgment but has solutions to the problems and will jump in to help solve them.  This is unique to EM Administrative Services because I’m not working from a computer in another part of the world. I will be in your office working with you to fix the problems we’ve identified as the most crucial.  


The reason I’m so passionate about this is that I have been unhappy at my jobs because things just weren’t being run smoothly. I know that efficient systems don’t just happen on their own, they need someone to craft them. I want to be that person for you because I know it doesn’t bring you joy. Your business is as unique as you, so I do not rely on forcing you into using a predetermined service package. Everything is tailored to fit your needs and customized to best serve your vision.


Workflow Standardization

Maximize Efficiency

** Edit and standardize existing SOPs or training manuals
** Create SOPs or training manuals
** Standardize electronic filing system
** Organize virtual employee files
** Release necessary documents to team members as needed based on  individual job descriptions
** Create an employee handbook


Training Support

Dynamic Professional Development

** Schedule individual and group training
** Schedule reviews
** Create a performance evaluation form  
** Create onboarding checklist
** Lead new hires through the on-boarding process
** Schedule new hire onboarding activities
** Create professional development policy


Hiring Assistance

Discover and Onboard Fast

** Edit and post hiring ads
** Receive applications and resumes
** Initial application sorting
** Phone interviews
** Send rejection and hiring notices
** Begin the onboarding process
** Virtual employee file creation

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I have had the privilege of working with Erycca in multiple settings and all have been outstanding! She was an organized team member on projects with the ability to keep the group focused and successful with her attention to detail. As a supervisor, she was fantastic at building rapport with her coworkers and customers. I wouldn't hesitate to have her lead any project or task I needed and can trust it would be completed above and beyond expectations.

Andrea Schmoldt

HR Coordinator
Steve Brown Apartments