EM Combo

The best of both editing worlds

The key to getting closer to your goal of publishing your manuscript is good editing. The tricky part is in finding a way to do that without breaking the bank (since you haven't hit any bestsellers lists yet).

The EM Combo is the perfect fit for anyone who wants to get their work in progress moving forward in the editing process, but isn't quite ready to hire an editor outright.

Step 1 - I run your manuscript through the premium versions of five unique self-editing tools, such as Grammarly and Outwrite.

Step 2 - 
copyedit and proofread the first 3,000 words of your manuscript. 

Step 3 - I send you a Tracked Changes version of your manuscript, along with a report breaking down the findings of the tools.

Step 4 -  You self-edit the heck out of that beautiful piece of art.

​This process would cost you at least $750 if you were to do it on your own. Not to mention the time you'd spend!

But with the EM Combo, you get all that value for only $99!

That is like getting 85% off!

The EM Combo is the only deal like this that I've seen. I know the value of self-editing and the value of a full edit by a live person. I want to let you take advantage of the value of both, together.

Best of all? I would love to have you back to perform a full edit/proofread, and to prove it I'll consider that $99 a deposit when you book a service with me for the same manuscript.

I'm ready to take your readers on an incredible journey - are you?

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