You need the Hemingway App

You are at the beginning of your writing journey. Maybe you never intend to publish what you've written. Maybe you want to make sure things sound "right."

The Hemingway App is a great starting point. It marks up your writing as you type while keeping track of long sentences and passive verbs. It doesn't give much guidance beyond a basic markup, but that is ok! You are still at the beginning of the journey so helpful hints are just what your inner editor needs to stay on topic.

Ready to start editing? Here are some tips to get you started!

1) Type and Use! Get access to the app (or website) and drop your manuscript in there. See what pops up right away.


2) Write first then edit. Editing while you're writing will shut down your creativity and turn you into your own worst critic.


3) Make an editing plan. There are no promises that this, or any other, self-editing tool will catch every error or tone problem. Plan to eventually bring an editor on board. Don't wait until the last minute to get on her schedule. You don't want to be told that your editor is booked until next year.


4) Check out the EM Combo. Do you want access to the best editing tools and a copy editor, but aren't ready for a full investment yet? Keep scrolling... I've got you covered.

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